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A little bit about Pupcakes By Lilian. The business was created all thanks to Floyd our wee French Bulldog. A lot of you may already know that celebration cakes and cupcakes was my main business and was always asked by customers if I would branch into the dog cake business as I had a passion for creating cupcakes with 3d toppers with various dog breeds. To be honest I never really thought much of it as i was busy with my cake and cupcake business. Fast forward a couple of years when Floyd joined the family and of course when it was his first birthday I just had to make him a cake, this was May 2017.

Three years on and the business is growing bigger and bigger each day and being recognised over various media platforms which I am so grateful for.

One of our unique selling points is that along with getting a dog friendly cake made from all natural fresh ingredients or a birthday hamper, you can get delicious cupcakes that humans can eat with a 3d topper matching your fur baby. Each little dog face I make will match the colour or markings that your dog has so that it is personal to you. These are available for collection only. Please have a look in our photo gallery for examples. 3D Cupcakes section. 

I am also big on seasonal events and love to include all the fur babies and make edible gifts so they can be involved too. Please have a look at our Seasonable Items. 

Recently founded our sister company Floyd's Fragrances a whole new range of  nose butter, dog safe wax melts, natural sprays and designer inspired fragrances.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about us.


Lilian & Floyd (Chief Taster & Poster Boy) 

Trading Standards Reg No: GB/GCC/20/005

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